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Warm Greetings from ZAHNS TRADE LIMITED!

I would like to introduce ZAHNSIMPEX, the gateway to printing & packaging material supplies.

Our goal is to provide excellent quality products and professional services to print floor production, print material supplies and graphic arts industry. We are pleased to inform you that ZAHNS TRADE LIMITED having connection to the customers’ print supplies in the Middle East & African region through its Middle Eastern arm ZAHS Traders DWC-LLC. Additionally, we are suppliers in the MEA region for print and packaging material for numerous other manufacturers / producers / mills located globally. Our primary products include printing Equipment, consumables, such as inks, plates, press- room, reprography chemicals, pre-press, press, post-press material and paper & other substrates. Our team of our associates at ZAHS, Dubai, highly qualified and dedicated professionals has maintained excellent relationships with our paper and print patrons across MEA countries. Considering the fantastic potential for our supplied products in the neighboring regions, we are proud to announce that we will soon begin to offer our services and expand our venture into USA. Currently, we will be serving our clients in GCC and Africa from the UAE facility.  

We are dedicated to our goals of high standards, steady growth, friendly environment and sustainable development. Our patrons’ steady and incessant support is fundamental to our growth. Our experience in the Middle East spans over 3+ decades in the print floor production and print material supplies trading business and we are confident that our suppliers will continue to benefit from our commitment to quality of service and efficiency. Our business expansion in USA / Africa provides a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with our vendor partners by achieving greater margins of growth and profitability.  

In order for us to understand and cater to your supply needs in an efficient and optimal manner, please contact us for further communication, send us documentation on your product line, sample sets and the corresponding tech spec sheets. We are excited to market and supply your products and look forward to meeting with you to discuss further. We assure you that we will strive for the best possible procedure to serve your company by making all our transactions go as smooth as possible in a win-win business environment, in mutual interest and extend your cooperation by finalizing an agreement between the two companies to represent your products GLOBALLY or any prevailing procedure to start. We look forward for a healthy and long lasting Business Relations with you. Best Regards,   

Syed A. Moid

President & CEO